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Interview Preparation

Preparation is the key to any successful interview, you will feel naturally more confident and your knowledge of the company will impress any interviewer.

We have listed some general points you should follow before and during the interview.

The CV Writing Company would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck and success in your job search.

The Vacancy

  • Sources for gaining information on the vacancy include: Job Ads, Web Sites and most importantly your Recruitment Consultant.
  • Make sure you are aware of all the duties involved with the position.
  • Find out Team / Department size.
  • Who would you report to?
  • Are there any people / departments under your management?
  • How did this position arise?

Company Research

  • Sources for Information on the company's background include: Company Brochures, Web Sites, Annual Report of Accounts and most importantly your Recruitment Consultant.
  • Industry Sector.
  • Company history.
  • How long have they been trading?
  • Size of turnover.
  • Size of company (employees).
  • How many other locations are they based at?
  • Types of Products / Services / Clients they deal with.

The Interview

  • Confirm the exact address of where the interview will be held.
  • Plan your journey so you arrive at least 15 - 20 minutes early.
  • Find out the format of the interview i.e.
    • How long will it last.
    • How many people will you meet at the interview (try to get names & job titles)?
    • Are there any tests involved?
  • Make sure you have a few questions ready at the end of interview
  • Be prepared for any questions the interviewer may ask you.

General Points

  • Do not have a cigarette before your interview.
  • Greet your interviewers with a firm handshake and warm smile.
  • Sit up right in the chair. Do not slouch.
  • Do not interrupt the interviewer.
  • Answer any questions with a factual answer and to the point. Do not try to answer any questions if you are not sure of the answer.
  • Speak clearly and with confidence.
  • At the end of the interview, thank your interviewers for their time and mention that you are looking forward to hearing from them in the near future.
  • Tell them if you are interested in the position.
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